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Your Guide to Selecting Premium Outdoor Speakers

large bullet speaker hiding among mulch and plants

Elevating Backyard Entertainment for Paradise Valley Estates

Your outdoor spaces are an extension of the interior, and they can become an exciting centerpiece of entertainment and relaxation. The warmer weather is right around the corner, so it’s time to plan the perfect outdoor ambiance. Did you know that your choice of sound system plays a pivotal role?

The quest for the best outdoor speakers goes beyond how loud the volume can go. Instead, consider how to seamlessly integrate high-fidelity sound into your outdoor oasis. Pool parties, barbecues, and gardening become much more exciting with the perfect soundtrack. 

If you’ve been wondering which type or brand of speaker would be best for your Paradise Valley backyard, it’s time to keep reading below. In this article, we’ll dive into how a professional outdoor AV team like Audio Video Excellence can help navigate the nuanced choices you must make if you’re ready for premium sound.

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Adding Audio to Your Landscape: Sonance Outdoor Speakers

A Sonance landscape speaker nestled into flowers in a backyard with a pool.

Enjoy Breathtaking Music in Your Outdoor Areas with Today’s Outdoor Sound Systems

Outdoor living spaces in Scottsdale, AZ, have transformed from grills and lounge chairs to luxurious extensions of a home’s indoor living. These outdoor retreats provide spaces to enjoy the captivating desert scenery in style with outdoor kitchens, stylish dining spaces, poolside lounge areas, and stunning landscape lighting. They offer the ideal outdoor arena for hosting dinners and poolside parties or simply relaxing with the family under a star-filled sky. 

If you’re looking forward to spending time in the great outdoors this spring, there’s one element that enriches every activity: high-performance music. And no, we don’t mean with a portable speaker! 

At Audio Video Excellence, we partner with Sonance, one of the industry leaders in permanently-installed outdoor audio. Sonance outdoor speakers provide an exceptional experience with crystal-clear, detailed music. Let’s explore how to bring an immersive soundscape to your backyard.

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How To Achieve Outdoor Audio That Amazes


A Sonance Outdoor Audio System Creates the Immersive Music Experience You Crave

What makes entertainment venues and restaurants so enjoyable? Certainly, the main event and the food play big roles in the experience. However, the unsung hero is usually the music. Take away the music, and you’re left with only chatter and background noises without the tantalizing tenor of tunes that stir your emotions. Fortunately, business owners have seen the value that audio systems play in creating ambiance in their spaces.  

But did you know you can also enjoy the same experience at your home? An outdoor audio system from Sonance ensures a surround-sound environment that adds enjoyment to any event. Keep reading to see how Sonance speakers help you achieve the perfect sound you want on your property in Carefree, AZ.


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