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Check Out This New Release: B&W 700 Series S3


This Third-Generation Speaker Delivers Better Performance at a More Affordable Price

If you’re a fan of B&W speakers but have been holding off purchasing their flagship 800 Series Diamond model due to cost, it’s time to get excited about the new B&W 700 Series S3. 

The third-generation 700 series speakers, which come five years after their last major rework, have just been released and dubbed the “Goldilocks model” because they are the perfect compromise between the 800 and 600 series in terms of performance and cost.

Continue reading to learn more about the features of the latest B&W speakers and start envisioning how great they will sound inside your Scottsdale, AZ, home.

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Redesigned Features

The B&W 700 Series S3 features eight models, including three floorstanders, three standmounts, and two center channel speakers. While there isn’t a subwoofer included in this series, B&W recommends pairing the 700 Series with the DB4S subwoofer for the best aesthetic match.

One thing B&W fans will notice about the new 700 series is the design update. B&W made design changes to improve the visual appearance and sound performance of the speakers. Enhancements to the design mimick the flagship 800 Diamond version. Some of these updates include:

  • Slimmer cabinet
  • Subtle curve added to the front baffle
  • Tweeter-on-top design for some of the 700 models
  • Sculpted grilles
  • Now available in mocha and the original satin white or gloss black finishes

These design changes help improve sound quality, ensuring the listener hears less of the speaker cabinet and more of the music. Placing the tweeter-on-top with a longer enclosure for some of the 700 models creates a much cleaner sound with better imaging, too.

Better Technology

B&W has been working to improve this model’s midrange driver sound quality since 2007. As a result, the latest iterations have incorporated the new Biomimetic Suspension technology, launched initially with the 800 series. This technology replaces the fabric spider suspension found in most conventional speaker models. The result is a reduction in air pressure and less unwanted noise as the cone moves for improved midrange cone performance.

But, you know it’s all about the bass - B&W has updated the bass reflex ports on the 700 S3 models for a more significant and encompassing sound quality. Plus, B&W has used their new Aerofoil Profile bass cone technology in the 700 models to present a cleaner sound. The 702 S3 tower model now also features a downward-firing port for an even more powerful low-end sound quality.

Available Options

Minor differences separate the variations of the S3 models, and the team at Audio Video Excellence would love to walk you through each model and show you what makes each unique. So, please contact us or visit our showroom to learn more about this exciting new series of B&W speakers!

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