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How Smart Lighting Transforms These 5 Areas in Your Home


A Lighting Control System Helps You Set the Perfect Scene in Every Room

From sunrise to sunset to evening-time enjoyment, a smart lighting system adds light and life to your home. When considering home lighting, most people think it’s a technology that’s simply functional. That is, it serves one purpose: to illuminate dark rooms. It may be true for a typical system, but a smart lighting control system adds seamless control and lighting customization into the equation. 

Inside and out, smart lighting transforms the beauty of your rooms and the way you interact with technology. In this blog, we’ll focus on five rooms that benefit from lighting automation as well as the ways smart lights improve your lifestyle in Paradise Valley, AZ. 


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The Bedroom 

The alarm clock goes off, signaling your time to wake up. So, you stumble out of bed to turn on the lights and adjust the blinds. But wait! It doesn’t need to be that way anymore! A smart lighting control system changes everything. Instead of getting up, roll over and touch a scene on your Control4 smart home tablet. Then, your Lutron lights illuminate to a preset level, the shades or blinds slowly adjust, and your favorite songs play through the whole-home audio system. Isn’t that a better way to rise and shine in the morning? 


The Living Area 

It isn’t easy to open the door and turn on the lights when you have your hands full. A smart lighting system that is integrated with a voice assistant, such as Alexa, lets you tell your home to operate the lights. Also, with Lutron’s RadioRA 2 system, a geofencing feature illuminates your home as you pull in the driveway. Once you settle in for the evening, open your smart home tablet to change the lighting levels and even the colors to suit the mood. You can set the right environment for playing games, chatting with friends, or enjoying music and movies. 


The Dining Room 

Create the perfect ambiance while you eat dinner with family or friends. A lighting automation system from Control4 or Lutron allows you to pre-program a scene to fit the event, such as “Family Meal,” “Romantic Dinner,” or “Dinner with Friends.” Get creative with the brightness levels and colors to make sure the lighting is perfect. You can even add music into the mix. When the time is right, tap the scene and watch the magic happen. Your lighting control system creates the ideal environment for any meal. 


The Home Theater 

Although the display and the surround-sound system are the biggest players in your home theater, a smart lighting system really sets the scene for home entertainment. After all, ordinary lights in a private cinema can make the entire experience fall flat. However, recessed lights, color-changing lighting, LED strip lights, sconces, and fiberoptic lights transform your media space into an entertainment haven. Invite the friends over for a movie night. When it’s showtime, press a scene on your home automation tablet, and all the technologies – lights, shades, and AV – get ready for the big show! 


The Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you enjoy watching movies outside or listening to music, a well-appointed outdoor lighting system gives backyard entertainment a significant boost. Whether you like spending private time on your porch, celebrating good times with friends, or hosting big parties, a smart lighting control system helps you set the right scene for any occasion. Spotlights, pathway lights, patio lighting, and waterscape lights give your lawn and outdoor entertainment area real personality. 


Change the atmosphere of all the rooms in your home with custom lighting scenes from Lutron or Control4. Call Audio Video Excellence today or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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