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Do You Need a Better Home Theater Design in 2021?


Here are Some of the Latest Home Entertainment Technologies That Improve Your Private Cinema

Smart technologies are always improving. What seemed “smart” a few years ago has been replaced by even smarter tech. For instance, last century, it was revolutionary to use a remote to control your TV. Now, we can operate a myriad of systems via a touchpad or voice command. In addition, in the early 2000s, HD TVs were thought to be the most advanced displays to have in a home. Today, we have ultra-high-definition 4K projectors – and even 8K!

As you consider your current home theater design, ask yourself this question: are there technologies you need to upgrade? Chances are you’re likely using older tech. Keep reading to learn how to improve your home entertainment experience in Phoenix, AZ, with the latest technologies.


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  1. A Bright and Beautiful Display

As the smart lights go down and the screen in front of you lights up, you expect to be captivated by whatever you’re watching. After all, that’s what you get in the movie theaters. A Sony 4K projector delivers the authentic movie-theater vibe you’re seeking. There are many models to choose from – ones that make the movie, TV show, or game come alive right before your eyes.

Sony’s native 4K projectors cast an image with 8.8 million pixels – creating the same high-quality image you expect from a 4K UHD TV, but much bigger (as large as 200”)! In fact, Sony’s innovative ultra-short-throw projector can do it from just less than one foot away from the wall. The projector uses a 2500 lumens laser light source to produce amazingly realistic and crystal-clear images from one end of the screen to the next.


  1. Something Better Than a Soundbar

Nothing is wrong with a soundbar. Compared to your TV speakers, a soundbar is so much better. However, you need an immersive audio experience in your home theater. It’s the only way to watch a movie. Bowers & Wilkins, a leading manufacturer of high-end speakers and home cinema speakers, designs surround-sound systems that bring audio to life. So, when a plane flies overhead in the movie, it has a three-dimensional sound – not one that comes only from the main screen.

B&W’s 11.2 sound system puts you in the center of it all. It is a multi-channel system that adds dimension and a heightened sense of realism to your movie-watching experience. Add an Anthem receiver, and you’ll enjoy audio automation at its finest. The receiver uses room correction technology to manage bass signals, perform room equalization, and correct peaks and dips in a speaker’s frequency. It creates a sound experience like no other!                


  1. Don’t Forget Ambiance

Now that you have a vivid display and state-of-the-art sound system, what else do you need? First, take a look at your seating, lighting control system, theater décor, and room acoustics. Are you satisfied with each one, or is there room for improvement? Audio Video Excellence has been designing and installing custom home theaters for many years, and we have our fingers on the pulse of the industry. So, we can help you design the perfect private cinema that looks, sounds, and feels fantastic.

Finally, a Control4 smart home system simplifies everything for easy access and control. With your tablet, smartphone app, or voice, you take command of all the technologies in your home theater. It’s the ultimate in comfort and control.

Are you interested in finding out how Audio Video Excellence can completely optimize and transform your home theater space? Get in touch by calling (480) 245-7500 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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