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Anthem’s MDX Amplifier Lets You Control the Sound in Every Room


Transform How You Listen to Music in Your Home with a Multi-Zone Whole-Audio-System

A Control4 home automation system paired with Triad speakers and Anthem’s MDX amplifier gives you complete control of the music in every room. Tap a button to change songs, adjust the volume, tweak the EQ, and stream different playlists to various rooms in your Paradise Valley, AZ, home. Unlike standalone stereo speakers or a single-zone home music system, a multi-room audio system helps you experience a level of music-listening like no other. 

Are you ready to upgrade to a robust and transformative whole-home audio system? In this blog, we’ll highlight the benefits of having an MDX amplifier, as well as the seamless control you’ll enjoy from a multi-room sound system. Keep reading for all the details! 


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The Best Setup for Your Multi-Room Audio System

When some people consider a home audio system, they think of a media room or a home theater, but they miss out on the bigger picture. While a media room provides high-end sound that immerses you in your favorite songs, you can enjoy the same thing from a whole-home audio system. It takes your media-room experience and expands it to your entire home. Why settle for a single-zone system that only allows you to play music from one source and in one room? 

There are also other homeowners that buy into a multi-zone system but lose sight of customization. All multi-room audio systems let you play music in multiple rooms from multiple sources. However, not all of them allow you to play different songs in different rooms AND adjust everything to suit each particular space. For that, you need a multi-zone audio system switched matrix with a distributed amplifier. Then, you have true audio customization in your home. 


How Anthem MDX and Control4 Triad Make It Possible

So, you have a multi-room sound system. Great! But what happens if you want to play music in a different room? For instance, your children would like to listen to Disney tunes in the playroom, your friends want to dance to classic hits outside, and your more reserved guests prefer cool jazz in the living room. You may be able to stream different music in each room, but you won’t be able to optimize it for each space unless you have the MDX amplifier or Control4 Triad system.

Anthem amplifier technology gives you smooth, efficient, and consistent sound quality while putting powerful control in the palm of your hands. Right from your Control4 touchpad, you manage all the songs in every room and adjust the audio accordingly. The good news is you don’t have to be an audio engineer to do it either. Anthem’s MDX series includes ARC® Genesis room correction technology for each zone. That means, whether you’re using Triad or another brand of high-end speakers, the system automatically calibrates the sound for that particular space. 


Elevate your home’s sound space in every room with Anthem’s MDX amplifier and Triad speakers from Control4. Get started by calling Audio Video Excellence at (480) 245-7500, starting a chat on this page, or filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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