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Though it doesn’t officially make our list, this number-one custom home theater trend needs no introduction by now: its high demand. Our team at Audio Video Excellence has stayed busy installing home theaters and media rooms all over the Paradise Valley, AZ, area since the pandemic started. A combination of factors  from shortening theater-to-home release to more impressive AV tech that homeowners can’t wait to try – has urged many homeowners to invest in a new entertainment space.  

Maybe you’re still watching your TV from your living room. While that’s perfectly fine, we believe you’re missing out on immersive home entertainment. Read on to see which trends are driving the home theater industry, making 2021 the perfect year to try one in your own residence.  

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Old Meets New 

As with fashion, trends come and go  but for the most part, they keep returning. As we celebrate bigger screens, smarter AV systems, and automation systems, we also reminisce over vintage-looking technology.  

No brand encapsulates the past and future merging quite as well as our partner, McIntosh, the brand responsible for the Grateful Dead’s iconic “Wall of Sound” display – as well as recent launches like their MX100 AV processor. Though the MX100 connects your powerful home theater technologies and lets you experience modernity in the form of 4K and Dolby Atmos sound, it looks fun and retro, thanks to McIntosh’s signature green-and-blue display text and analog knobs.  

Less-Traditional Theaters 

While modern theaters embrace vintage elements, the overall traditional home theater concept now seems outdated. For example, you might picture a dark room (more on that later) with a few seating rows that all point toward one screen.  
Now, the theater might look more like a media room or theater/media room hybrid, where you’ll find multiple screens, gaming systems, and perhaps some billiard games scattered throughout. You’ll also notice a difference in the furniture. Because they have more than one screen, modern theaters often sport less linear seating orientations, with a place to sit in front of the gaming console, main screen, or sports viewing area.  

A New Light 

Gone are the days where home theater means dark lighting. Though that darkness helps you shut out the outside world, low lighting doesn’t allow for the sort of multi-use media room areas we discussed above. Today’s home theaters often look somewhat brighter for easier movement around the room  ideal for adding a wine bar or snack area.  

Higher Resolution, Ultra-Short-Throw, and Wireless 

Part of the explosive popularity of home theaters is owed to the AV equipment itself. It seems that almost as soon as 4K appeared, 8K emerged as the consumer’s target resolution. 8K’s specs sell itself, offering four times the pixel density as 4K. 

AV clients also continue searching for the largest-possible screen. With ultra-short-throw projectors, homeowners can achieve that from just inches away from the projector screen. Ultra-short-throw models don’t clutter the room, and their proximity to the wall (even less than 10-inches away!) mitigates that annoying shadow effect you get when people walk in front of standard projectors.  

Wireless audio is also on the rise! Now that one of our favorite brands, Bowers & Wilkins, has jumped into the mix with their Formation series, you can experience high-end, wire-free sound in your home theater. This speaker line gives you 96/24-bit resolution and impresses the design-savvy buyer with a creative array of mid-century modern shapes.  

Contact Us Today! 

Transform your entertainment with a custom home theater. Get started by calling Audio Video Excellence at (480) 378-9819 or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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