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Upgrade Your Media Room For Football Season with Hidden Technology

People sitting on a couch watching a football game on a flat-screen TV in a living room

Get ready for some football entertainment with these home technologies

With the football season upon us, all football fans have started preparation in full swing. Many prefer watching the big game on an equally big screen, but instead of going to crowded places where you can miss out on a lot, why not bring all the entertainment to your home?

That’s right, your luxury home’s media room can be the center of attention during games where you can host screenings for friends and family. But how can you prep your media room without creating clutter? With hidden technology, of course!

Read on to discover the hidden tech gadgets that can enhance the game-watching experience in your Paradise Valley, AZ, residence.


Hidden TVs

When watching football, all genuine fans know how important the picture quality is. But at the same time, you must also consider the aesthetics of your luxury home. Even if you get a flat-screen TV that displays 4k visuals, it can alter the home’s décor by looking like a black hole sitting in the middle of your living room. But that’s not the case with hidden TVs.

A hidden TV offers high-end visuals, but when you switch it off, it can be stored away inside a media cabinet, making it an integral part of the home. Depending on your style preferences, the TV can also  be hidden behind artwork or family portraits to ensure dual functionality. Some can even serve as mirrors when not in use. 

Hidden Speakers

How can one forget about sound when speaking of football? You don’t want to miss out on a minute of action. Speakers that are built into TVs aren’t enough for true football fans; they need high-performance sound that makes it seem like you’re watching the game in an actual stadium.

Hidden speakers are the solution for a surround sound effect without creating clutter. The high-performance speakers can be installed inside walls, shelves, and ceilings of your media/living room, setting the scene for game screenings.

Seamless Control with Home Automation

Once all your hidden home entertainment technologies are in place, you can seamlessly connect them to one central hub; your home automation system.A single button press will uncover your hidden TV and have the speakers streaming high-performance audio when the game is on.

Are you convinced that hidden technology is the solution for your gameday space? Let Audio Video Excellence handle your home entertainment project. We have helped many homeowners upgrade their tech gadgets in Paradise Valley, AZ. Reach out today to get started. Call (480) 245-7500 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.

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