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What Features Should I Look For in a Great Outdoor TV?

Outdoor entertainment area with pool and SunBriteTV.

SunBriteTVs: Built for the Outdoors

Whether you're planning to entertain in the backyard, host a tailgate, or just looking for a way to enjoy the refreshing Arizona air while relaxing on the patio with your favorite TV show, an outdoor TV can be an excellent investment. But how do you choose the right one for the experiences you plan to have?

SunBriteTV offers a variety of options for outdoor TVs that were made for the outdoors. Continue reading to learn the essential features of a great outdoor TV for your Paradise Valley, AZ, home.

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Built to Withstand Weather

SunBriteTV makes TVs built to withstand the hot and windy Arizona weather. Choosing an outdoor TV made specifically for the outdoors is essential because indoor TVs don't have the same protections needed to operate in the outdoor environment. Using an indoor TV that wasn't intended for outdoor use will void most warranties. 

Even within SunBriteTV's lineup of outdoor models, choosing the suitable model for where you plan to install the TV is essential. For example, the Veranda Series would be a perfect choice if you will be using the TV in a fully shaded area. But, if you're going to hang the TV in a location with full sun, the Pro Series would be a better choice because its display is up to four times brighter than an indoor TV making it perfect for watching TV in the sunshine.

What Other Features Should an Outdoor TV have?

Other features to look for in an outdoor TV include:

  • A frame protected from rust and corrosion to last through rain and humidity
  • A watertight seal to keep the electronics dry
  • A weatherproof media bay that can preserve a cable box or gaming system
  • An internal temperature regulator to heat and cool the TV during extreme weather temps
  • If in the sunshine, you'll want a 4K UHD display with anti-glare and more excellent brightness than an indoor TV
  • Weatherproof remote controls

About SunBriteTV

SunBriteTV makes outdoor TV models with screens up to 75 inches for outdoor use. In addition, their all-weather models offer high-quality features such as superior brightness to other brands and can power through the Arizona weather - heat, rain, dirt, bugs, and more. Best of all, SunBriteTVs have an outdoor use warranty and can typically handle temperatures as hot as 122 degrees (F).

Outdoor Audio Can Enhance the Experience

If you're planning a fun outdoor entertainment space, remember the high-end audio features to accompany your new outdoor TV. The Audio Video Excellence team can recommend some great options for surround sound and in-ground or hidden outdoor audio to help make an engaging outdoor space perfect for gatherings or enjoying a movie on the patio.

Are you ready to create an entertaining outdoor area with an outdoor TV and audio? Contact us for more information about SunBriteTV options for your Paradise Valley, AZ, home, or stop by our showroom.

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