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Smart Lighting Offers Beauty, Elegance, and Ease of Living

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Experience the Many Options in DMF Lighting’s LED Modular Downlighting

Lighting has transcended its original purpose—to help us see clearly in the dark and create a lifestyle that enables us to perform tasks long into the night. Today, it plays an essential role in a home’s beauty, setting the mood, creating intrigue, and personalizing the illumination for any activity. 

Smart lighting does even more. 

Intelligent lighting integrates with your home automation platform, enabling one tap to transform every light in your Scottsdale, AZ, home. It changes based on automation schedules that synchronize with your everyday routine and welcomes you home.

At Audio Video Excellence, we partner with several industry leaders in smart lighting to ensure our clients the optimum solution for their unique lifestyle and home aesthetics. One of these brands, DMF Lighting, is the leader in modular downlighting for custom home integration. Their award-winning lights offer incredible opportunities to shine light in a new manner while reducing energy usage. 

Let’s explore a few of their latest products.

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LED Downlighting

Today, homes are moving toward adopting LED lighting thanks to its energy efficiency, accurate color rendering, and greater spectrum of color temperatures. DMF Lighting offers unique features that make them stand out from other brands.

The OneFrame System

After decades of R&D, DMF Lighting came up with their OneFrame system that enables individual elements to work seamlessly with each other. The trims are fully customizable, including finish, color, and function, allowing them to blend in completely with their surroundings or stand out with a sleek design.

Layers of Light

DMF’s award-winning DID Series addresses all the layers of light required for beautiful architectural lighting. These LED cylinders and downlights create accent, ambient, and task lighting with changeable beam angles. The DCC Cylinder offers over a million configurations, including lumen outputs, trim options, and finishes for optimal customization.

Architectural Record magazine named the DRD + M Series the winner of the Best Lighting Products of 2022. Designed for any application, they noted the brand's innovation, sustainability, and aesthetics, including the high-quality finishes.

New Lighting for Contemporary Homes

DMF recently launched the iX Series LED, a new recessed lighting option that elevates homes with the growing desire for modern “quiet” ceilings. These small, two-inch aperture lights leave a small footprint while maintaining strong light output. 

The Gift of Warm Lighting

DMF’s Warm Dim technology enables your lights to go from vibrant, full-spectrum lighting to warm, soft illumination. Once the lights dim below 50%, they gradually warm, creating an intimate, relaxing ambiance as the evening approaches.

At Audio Video Excellence, our decades of experience and customized approach ensures illumination that brings beauty, ease of use, and greater enjoyment. To learn more about smart lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Video Excellence today.

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