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Upgrade Your Backyard Entertainment with Coastal Source Outdoor Speakers

A Coastal Source speaker is camouflaged in landscaping elements such as rocks and plants.

Coastal Source Combines Style and Function For Enhanced Outdoor Fun

Coastal Source outdoor speakers are the perfect solution to take your outdoor events to the next level. For more than 60 years, Coastal Source speakers have been delivering excellence in the outdoor audio space. Their goal is to provide reliable, high-quality sound that will keep your guests engaged and entertained. 

Plus, these speakers are constructed to withstand the elements, like water, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, so you can know that your audio system will stay safe through the Arizona weather. So make your next backyard BBQ, formal gathering, or neighborhood social an unforgettable event with Coastal Source outdoor audio solutions.

Continue reading to learn more about Coastal Source outdoor speakers and how they can enhance your backyard entertainment in Paradise Valley, AZ.

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Sound Quality at any Level

Coastal Source speakers deliver clear and balanced sound regardless of your chosen volume. They are ideal for outdoor audio, as they can adjust to ambient noise such as neighbors, traffic, or a nearby lawn mower and still produce outstanding sound quality. 

With Coastal Source speakers, you can have a rich and fulfilling outdoor audio experience, whether playing soft background music or enjoying a raucous sports game. Plus, the directional sound design of Coastal Source speakers ensures that the sound won't be overpowering and intrusive to others – relax and enjoy the music without worrying about disturbing the neighborhood.

Match Your Style

Coastal Source has a wide variety of speakers available in different sizes and designs, so you can pick the ones that best suit your home and outdoor entertainment needs. You can install them above ground or tuck them away, camouflaged in landscaping. You can also space them around the yard for a truly enveloping experience. No matter how you use them, the quality of the sound will truly enhance any outdoor event.

Integrate With Smart Systems

Coastal Source speakers can integrate with a home audio system or smart home control. Connecting these systems means you can control them with one app or remote, allowing you to play the same audio indoors and outdoors or adjust the volume of both to avoid from the same device.

Using a smart home control to manage outdoor audio systems provides many advantages. First, you can program audio to match other smart scenes, such as outdoor lighting, creating the perfect atmosphere for your evening gathering. Additionally, you can set a scheduled time for the audio to turn off, avoiding any disturbances to the neighborhood after a particular hour.

Let the Audio Video Excellence team help you select the perfect outdoor speakers for your Paradise Valley, AZ home. There are a wide variety of options to explore that can enhance your outdoor entertainment experiences. Contact us to learn more!

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