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Josh Voice Control: Seamless Home Automation


How a Voice-Assisted Smart Home Control System Makes Living More Luxurious 

You probably use it already: a voice assistant on your phone, in your car, or in your home with Alexa or Google Assistant. But it’s likely you’ve found it to be unhelpful or cumbersome at times. For instance, you need to go to another room to talk to it, or it doesn’t recognize what you say. What was meant to be a convenient and luxurious experience turns into a frustrating one. After all, how many times should you have to raise your voice or enunciate for your voice-controlled device to do what you ask? 

Josh.ai takes home automation to a new level. Josh voice control is specifically designed for smart homeowners. Unlike other voice assistants that “can” control smart home systems, this one is built for it. Even more amazing is that Josh understands your voice and even your accent. Put Josh.ai microphones throughout your Scottsdale, AZ home, and you enjoy seamless voice-assisted smart home automation. Keep reading to learn more about Josh.ai. 


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Getting Personal with Josh

Imagine walking through the front door when you get home and telling Josh to turn on the lights and play your favorite music through the whole-home sound system. No need to touch a button to do it! Or, when you program a scene, say, “Josh, I’m home.” Then the technologies in your home respond. 

But Josh also learns what you like. The next time you come home, you could simply say, “Hi Josh,” and it makes adjustments based on your previous settings. Most importantly, the Josh voice control system learns your voice, because it uses natural language processing technology. Place microphones in every room, talk naturally when you speak, and everything works seamlessly. The following are some ways you can use Josh.ai in your home. 


Josh Micro

Put it on your wall, table, or bookshelf. The Josh micro is a small device that can fit in the palm of your hand. Yet, it is quite powerful. Not only can you speak to it, but it’s equipped with sensors, enabling more contextual awareness. For instance, it knows when you’re in the room. Place the Josh Micro in each room, and you’ll never need to tell it where you are in your home, because it knows. It also has a far-field microphone, so it hears your voice from across the room, providing control of the smart lighting, motorized shades, TV, and more. 


Josh Nano

Voice-assisted devices don’t need to be conspicuous. If you prefer a smaller device, the Josh Nano is a bit smaller than a quarter. See that black dot on the wall beside the TV in our photo? That’s the Nano. Available in white, black, and other custom colors, the Nano blends in beautifully with your home. Put it on the walls, ceilings, or even somewhere out of view. It works just like the Josh Micro but is more incognito. 


Go hands-free in your smart home! Use Josh voice control to take command of your home’s technologies. Find out more by calling Audio Video Excellence at (480) 245-7500, starting a chat on this page, or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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